Personal Staging

           The transition between seasons always calls for a refresh in my world. A time of purging and replacing familiar pieces with exciting new ones. Towards the end of my Spring semester I was able to give my room the refresh it so badly needed while also fulfilling my need to create a space. So I created my vision and began collecting, placing, nailing, hanging, and painting to my hearts delight.

          There is so much truth to "using what you have", instead of going out to purchase a headboard I decided to be creative and kill two birds with one stone. I created an unconventional "headboard" of draped literature that became a fun conversation piece, while allowing my magazines to be easily accessible for a quick read in bed. 

          I also discovered my love and adoration for plants through creating this space; needless to say my room looks like a tropical rainforest! Although I found a new love, no plant in the world can replace my lovely lemon queen. 

           Now that Spring is coming to an end it is time for yet another refresh. Stay tuned for my summer '17 room refresh. I am excited to see what I create!