"Gentlewoman" is a print editorial curated by Curran Swint of Kings Rule Together that was based on the book written by Enitan Bereola. This book was written to provide women with a guide to proper etiquette from a gentleman’s point of view.


            The concept of this editorial was to capture the life of a gentlewoman as she applies the rules of etiquette found in this book to her everyday life.

             I served as the location scout and manager and set designer for this editorial. I provided and designed 4 locations to complete this photo shoot. The locations I scouted and decorated were

BoConcept, Skai Blue Media, Rittenhouse Square

and Park, as well as various street scenes in Philadelphia, PA. 

             Each location I chose was based off a scenario inspired by quotes found in the book, Gentlewoman.

            Bo Concept allowed me to transform the beds and living room footprints on their showroom floor to fit the look and style of a young, stylish, bohemian, eclectic, cultured young woman waking up to breakfast in bed and her favorite book. Afterwards she would engage in a personal soothing yoga session in her beautifully decorated well lit living room.


           The street I chose for the “men wooing” scene was very romantic and Mediterranean. It was warm and feminine complimenting the black and white Dom Streater dress worn by the model and was a perfect contrast against the red door she passed.

             The sunflower added a nice bit

of color to the scene and is included in every set I

work on as my signature.