"Wish You Were Mine"

Philip George

                          I had the pleasure of serving as a wardrobe assistant on the music video set of “Wish You Were Mine” by UK based producer Philip George. I assisted lead costume designer, Dyandra Brown, and participated in the preparation for the shoot and during production. I collaborated with Dyandra to create looks for over 10 cast members. The looks were based on a vision of younger high school aged kids on their way to school and having a good time.


                        The producer of the song acted as a police officer, bus driver, store clerk, and lighting assistant in the actual music video. My responsibilities included assisting with shopping and pulling garments, grouping and steaming looks, and monitoring the budget. I ensured all cast members looked appropriate before going on set to be filmed and assisted Dyandra with whatever else was needed on and off set. It was an honor to work with such talented children and as a result of our hard work the video ranked #2 on the UK Dance charts, and #1 on the UK Singles charts.  I was elated to hear the news and would love to work with this talented group again.