"Throw Like A Girl"

Spike Lee

                         40 Acres & A Mule was commissioned by Chrysler to produce a short film/ documentary on athlete Mo’ne Davis. In 2014 Davis became the first African-American female to play in and win the Little League World Series. This short documentary was filmed South Philadelphia at the Rosa Parks Recreation Center and in her current home in New Jersey. Spike Lee highlighted Davis' childhood and the people and places that contributed to her success.


                         I was called in last minute to serve as the wardrobe assistant to Sandra Hernandez. The goal was to dress the family in everyday comfortable clothing, including NIke merchandise highlighted due to sponsorship. We chose to dress Mo’ne in all of the various uniforms that she has worn playing on her respective teams. Due to the subjext matter of the documentary we thought the uniforms would tie in to the nostalgia of all the sports she played to prepare her for the athlete she has become. 


                        My responsibilities included creating and shopping for looks for Mo’ ne, her family, and coaches featured. I was also required to group and steam each look; as well as ensuring that everyone was presentable before going on set. It was an honor to work with such amazing individuals and I learned a lot by having the opportunity to fulfill many different roles while working on this project.